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December 2006

Four photographs created collaboratively
by Romain Forquy and Philip Lee

The collaborative project included performances,
for camera only, which are a continuation of
Lee's 'Stable' body-printing work

From the Beating Time online book project

It is the essence of a performance
to take place within a specific period of time.
Performed for the audience in a continuous flow
with a beginning and an end.

There is no time for looking back,
no repetition in slow motion.
Time passes and brings it to a close.
Time conducts the performance.

Photography stages the performance,
distorts it and freezes its essence.
Just as the still image abstracts time-flow,
the close-ups abstract the action.
The photographs negate the passing of time.
They become the work by beating time.

Beating Time online book

Beating -timeThe Beating Time book is online! You can download the pdf and purchase the book here. 'Beating Time' is the title of a themed exhibition of artwork by a group of London based artists presented in book form. 252 pages, 7.44" x 9.68", perfect binding, full-colour interior ink

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