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Bruce Taylor Currie

Bruce is a friend and collaborator. He is a brilliant art psychotherapist with many years experience, now working in palliative care. He has assisted me in a number of projects including helping me to develop ideas and performances, hosting one of my live performances and occasionally skilfully photographing my work with stills and video cameras. He is a sensitive and insightful colleague whose aesthetic acuity has been invaluable to me since 2003.

I recommend his most recent video piece, Dance 1, 2006-2008, which can be viewed through the following link: dance1


Artsadmin have been very important to Philip's development as an artist since he left university. Their artists' advisers and stable of established artists and contacts are very supportive to emerging artists working in performance and live art. This is a very interesting website with lots of useful information about a range of performance artists and opportunities for emerging artists.

Gary Stevens, Franko B and the physical theatre group DV8 are all featured on this website:

Cally Trench

I am pleased to have been able to work with Cally Trench on a number of projects since graduating with her from Central Saint Martins in September 2007. An accomplished painter and curator, Cally has made valuable conceptual and practical contributions to a number of my recent projects, which I am delight to acknowledge. Please take the time to look at her website at - Cally is also the creator and director of an extraordinary project called appropriately 'Remarkable and Curious Conversations'. The vision behind Remarkable and Curious Conversations is that a network of interactions between artists will take place. These interactions range from the tiny impact of a single comment to a full-scale collaboration. Each artist allows the possibility of someone else having an effect on their work. The project, began in 2009 and is planned to conclude in 2012. Please go to Cally's fascinating website of the Remarkable and Curious Conversations project at

Christie Brown

Philip writes:
"Professor Christie Brown inspired me before I studied ceramics with her at the University of Westminster, and she continues to do so. An excellent mentor and teacher, she has helped me more than I can say. I am pleased to consider her a friend and colleague.

Christie is a sculptor working in ceramics and bronze. She makes sophisticated pieces that combine fantasy and reality, the figurative and the abstract. Some of her figurative work has been inspired by mythology and I recommend it to you."

Charlotte Wiig

Charlotte set up her photography business in 2002. Based in London, she works as a freelance photographer and photojournalist for a variety of publications in the UK and internationally. Her work has been published in the Guardian, the Herald, the Sunday Herald, the Daily Telegraph, the Independent and she works for the Norwegian press on a regular basis. It was during one of these assignments that I came across this innovative and talented photographers. Check out her work on this website in Stable III 2005 - photo 15 and her own website.

Chris Jepson

A brilliant photographer in many spheres. See his excellent website.

Clarisse d'Arcimoles

Clarisse d'Arcimoles is a talented set designer and photographer. I am pleased to recommend her to you. See her emerging website.

Duncan Loughrey

Duncan is a talented photographer who works equally well in fine art photography as he does in commercial photography. His impressive website shows the breadth of his work and the range of his clients. Duncan's inspirational photographs are all works of art in their own right.

Franko B

Franko B is an established artist working in, across and between the mediums of sculpture, installation, performance, photography and video. He is famous for his performances during which he allows blood to seep from his veins creating beauty from the seemingly abject. However, his work includes so much more and all of his art is well worth investigating on his website.

John Butler

John Butler is a friend and colleague who makes wonderful wood fired pots.

Judy Goldhill

Judy is irresistible as a person and in her work! Her photographs are deceptively nonchalant because they are many layered and beautiful. Recently she has turned to merging landscape, accidental frame and figure, in evocative and eloquent photographs which comment on the human condition and particularly on that of the maturing woman. I recommend her inspirational and characteristically elegant new website to you for it shows her as a consummate photographer and fine artist.

Live Art Development Agency

A must for anyone interested in live art.

Lois Keidan and Daniel Brine are the Live Art Development Agency.

Lost Property Art

Lead by Alison Trower, Lost Property Art is an exciting and innovative company who champion installation and performance artists. The many artists, and all the events they have organised, are illustrated on this well designed website.

Unfortunately the Lost Property Art website is temporarily unavailable, but it will be back later in 2005.

Oliver Frost and Marc Massive

Oliver is a performance artist, curator, clubnight organiser and promoter, amongst others. His partner in work and love is Marc Massive of Massive Ego. Marc has a great debut album out now - Nite Klub Skewl - The Album.

Romain Forquy

A talented and inventive photographer who has taken crucial photographs a some of my most recent performances and with whom I am delighted to be collaborating on a number of photographic projects. For these after joint planning and development I have performed actions for his camera in the studio. Romain's website shows the breadth of his work and talents which includes writing and what I would call 'sculptural' video pieces using intimate images taken with a mobile phone camera.

Rose Lopez

A wonderful artist from Portugal who manages to create wonderful art in a range of media and for July 2006, edit a superb catalogue and curate a demanding show at the Synergy Gallery, at one and the same time. Her fascinating website is

Spencer Tunick

This is one of many sites where you can see the work of Spencer Tunick. Philip has taken part in three of the New York photographer's photographed installation-performances with hundreds of other naked performer/models. The first in September 2001 in Greenwich, London, then two in April 2003: at the opening of the Saatchi Gallery in County Hall on the South Bank and in Selfridges store on Oxford Street. The use of many naked bodies strewn across the landscape relates to Philip's work, which also comments on the human condition. For Philip they are important events, which are exciting and thought provoking - he writes:

"The thing I remember about Greenwich as we all lay down on the cold cobbles was the communal exhalation, which sounded like the roar of a jet engine. Saatchi was special because there were fewer of us & walking around the gallery (meeting Jeremy irons, who was very supportive and Sarah Kent from Time Out who was charming) was magical. Selfridges seemed to me to be the coming of age of the activity and the whole world seemed to have caught on! Spencer Tunick sounded a little overwhelmed by it saying on a number of occasions that this couldn't happen in a particular store in New York! It was life affirming and great fun paddling about the cosmetics showing that they were completely unnecessary. There was another roar here but for a different reason. I am not sure what it must have been like when one of the escalators moved once we had all piled on to them. A few seconds before, a member of Selfridges staff had reassured us that the escalators were very safe because they cope with even more people in the sales! Do they really rush up the escalators three abreast?"

Veronica Péres Karleson

A talented designer of Spanish-Swedish origin Veronica has a flourishing practice as a designer and fine artist.

She says:
"Good graphic design produces messages that are easy to assimilate in order to create an identity or sell a product… My art practice, on the contrary, questions and distorts. I play with language from two opposing perspectives. On one hand with the idea of a non-verbal, instinctive, collective subconscious in written language; and on the other with the use of language as a tool for social manipulation and misinformation. I use abstract calligraphy and codes to comment on these opposing perspectives. I use the unintelligibility of the message, apparently absurd, to arouse questions and doubts."

Check out her website, which is beautifully designed - naturally, to find out more.

The University of Westminster

I have spent a number of happy years studying, and now working, at the University of Westminster, Harrow Campus and I recommend it to you - especially the Ceramics Department.

For Ceramics -

Area 10

Area 10 is a community of artists currently working in the white warehouse behind Peckham Library. Here the people and the space have inspired me and given me the opportunity to experiment. It is a unique phenomenon and I recommend it to you. The website - images and an interesting description of the history of Area 10 - is well worth a visit as is the venue. The shows are cross between medievel festival and art extravaganza with lots of live performances and installations.

The London Biennale

The London Biennale was founded in 1998 by David Medalla and Adam Nankervis, and has evolved into an artists community of over 150 artists. The London Biennale is a do-it-yourself arts festival, those who wish to take part are entirely responsible for their contribution. Voluntary working together to stage biennale events means no bureaucrat, and no bureaucracy. The opportunity to meet a wide range of approachable and kind artists on a regular basis is a great boon. The website is fun too!

Other websites that you may find interesting...