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Skin and Slip

Skin and Slip, by Philip Lee and Cally Trench, is a film of a made-for-camera performance with clay.

In Skin and Slip, the naked surface of my skin is distorted by viscous clay slip, creating a new surface, which is then partially washed away: a metamorphosis referencing aging and bodily mutability.

Surfaces: Works on Paper, a group exhibition by AMBruno at Sput+Nik Gallery, Praça Marquês do Pombal, Porto, Portugal.

The idea of 'skin deep' is a commonplace, but some thinkers have sought to overturn this view of the superficial, and place significance, complexity and profundity in the surface. Twenty-four artists presented new work that engaged with meaning captured in the surface. Curated by Steve Perfect and John McDowall.

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