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September 2008

An installation and video piece created collaboratively
with Romain Forquy

This is the second collaborative work by Romain Forquy and Philip Lee, a collaboration started with the series of photographs Segments (2006-7).

Earth has developed from Lee's series of live body performances called Slip. In all thirteen process-driven Slip performances Lee is covered in liquid clay, so becoming the sculpture. For Earth the live action is removed from the gallery. The intervention takes place in a forest, a place where the natural may become uncanny.

A beautiful landscape is presented as the life-sized projected image, to which only the feint humming of birds gives a sense of time passing. Is the viewer looking at a photograph or an uneventful film? The holly tree in the background gradually imposes its presence within the frame and the action unfolds with the birth of an indigenous creature.

In a time when humanity's senseless domination over its environment seems only to lead to ecological disasters, this piece evokes in a romantic and poetic fashion an alternative vision of our relationship to nature. The piece metaphorically points to a symbiotic relationship between human beings and nature, rather than the taming and eventual destruction of one by the other.

The installation is available for exhibition.
Enquiries should be addressed to Philip Lee through the contact page on this website or similarly to Romain Forquy at

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