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Slip Dipping

Interactive participatory action with clay slip and camera

Part of Hop Skip - a pop up night of performance and video curated by Martina O'Shea

31 July 2009, 6pm - 1 am
Liquid Studios,
55 Wallis Road
Hackney Wick, London

ForSlip Dip at Hop SkipPhilip Lee invited people to dip their hands, feet, or any other body part, into runny clay, the slip of the title. While Cally Trench photographed them Philip noted down their comments about how it made themfeel, what it made themthinkabout and anymemoriesthe process brought to mind.

Some of the comments included:

"Now it's not my hand!" DC

"It seems clean - mud should be dirty!" IW

"I feel like I'm a strawberry in cream." AB

"Perfectly between solid and liquid." AE

"Like making a cake mixture." GS

"It looks more plastic than clay."

"Cool, suspended, weightless, soft..." CH

"In a B-movie trapped in quick sand - amniotic fluid... or in the crater lake of a volcano..." KA

"Buoyant, close, viscous, exciting, weight removed with water (sic), satisfying, beach, water, submerging " TW

"Like yoghurt!" RP

"Foodstuffs, creamy pavlovas, doing something risqué with ladies, suggestive" NP

"Fleshy - viscous bodily fluids - like putting your hand inside a body. From the outside my arm and hand now looks synthetic like a manikin..." TC

"Swimming in the sea, mixing foodstuff with mum, I want to undress and get into the clay!" FB

"Feels like my whole body is liquefying - the feeling is affecting the rest of my body. Absolutely gorgeous!" CT

As he stood with clay over his face he was silent and still. Then he very slowly and quietly said, "Memories of my time on a beach in Ireland - childhood summer holidays - soft sand passing through my fingers." TH

Photography by Cally Trench and Philip Lee

Philip would like to thank all those who took part in Slip Dipping

Many thanks to Martina O'Shea for curating an exciting and varied evening.


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