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Slip III

23 March 2005
Kingsgate Studio Gallery

Part of a performance evening during the exhibition of Hidden Voices by Régine Elliott and Marisol Cavia.

The artist presented himself standing naked in front of two buckets of white runny clay or slip. Having stirred the slip with his arm he stood before the crowd, a tacit invitation for them to cover him in clay. In various and personal ways people applied the clay until the artist was almost completely covered. He then walked into the main gallery space to stand upon a low square plinth. Here he stood until the cold and drying clay forced him to leave the gallery through the crowd. The performance took about 40 minutes.

In Slip III, the third in his Slip performances, the artist presents a very ordinary body as art object, challenging body preconceptions and subverting visual art tradition.

Photography by Chris Hurford and Daniel Bourke

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