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Slip II

20 & 27 March 2004
Area 10, Peckham

The artist performed Slip II 2004 on 20th March and 27th March at soprimaverdada, the Area 10 Spring Show, in Peckham, London. Area 10 is an artist lead collective based in a disused timber yard. All work presented or performed at Area 10 is required to be site specific.

The artist constructed a 7' trough from wood found on site. This was draped with white canvas and filled to the brim with grey-white clay slip. The artist walked naked to the trough across the hanger-like main space to the trough in a smaller room. Here he immersed himself in the slip and then emerged from the trough to stand on a plinth. The performances lasted about 40 minutes.

Photography by Steve Hubber, Beth Elliott, Kasia Kaczmarczyk

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