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Pour La Vie

Pour La Vie - PLV - Philip Lee Violet (2017) was a live body, participatory performance with paint and paper.

PLV was performed during the Vernissage of Draw/Bridge Zug/Brucke at Galerie Remise, Berlin, curated by Alex Dewart, on 30 March 2017.

Philip Lee writes, "Throughout my life as an artist, people have commented that some of my performances remind them of the famous Yves Klein events, such as Anthropometry Performance (1960). Using IKB (International Klein Blue), a colour he patented, Yves Klein made body prints with models, mostly women. In response to these persistent and irritating comments, I wanted to perform Pour la Vie (PLV).

During Pour la Vie (PLV) I rolled naked, covered in paint (based on the raw pigment Mars Violet which I call Philip Lee Violet or PLV) across large sheets of paper on the floor, creating body-landscapes. Spectators were invited to join me to print on the same paper and/or on subsequent sheets. I was delighted when Felix Pohl made a body-landscape during the performance. I offered her part of the print she made and I was pleased that she accepted the print."

4 photographs by Ben Bayer

Filmed by Ben Bayer and Philip Lee (fixed camera). Edited by Cally Trench.

Thank you to Astrid Jacobs of Galerie Remise, and also to Felix Pohl and Alex Dewart for taking part in the performance.

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