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Portable Zebra Crossing

Portable Zebra Crossing

The Portable Zebra Crossing Association, made up of Cally Trench, Ann Rapstoff and Philip Lee, invited residents and visitors to Bath to join them on Sunday 5th June 2016 for a short walk around the city centre, during which they laid their Portable Zebra Crossing down at each of the nine roads that they crossed. There were four walks in total, as part of Fringe Arts Bath's Bedlam Fair.

The Portable Zebra Crossing Association loves zebra crossings and believes that there should be more of them, ideally at least one on every street, so that pedestrians can cross roads more easily. The Association particularly likes zebra crossings because they necessitate a mutual recognition by both pedestrians and driver that the other is a human being.

27 Photographs by Philip Lee, Cally Trench, and courtesy of Bedlam Fair

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