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Pillowcase Slip

Philip Lee appeared naked except for a pillowcase covering his head. Embroidered on the front of the pillowcase was a simple outline drawing of his own face mostly in black stitches, with a few grey thread highlights. There were random splashes of white clay slip covering some of his torso and upper legs.

(click for larger version) Philip Lee by Cally_Trench: Embroidery on cotton pillowcaseThe requirement of the Anthea Turner Prize event is that art works should be anonymous, at least while the audience make their judgements for the prize. Philip Lee was rendered 'anonymous' by the clay and pillowcase. Perversely, by concealing his face, he revealed it; by covering his genitals in clay, he drew attention to them. These two areas of his body, he has observed during previous live body performances, were the focus of people's attention.

For Pillowcase Slip he intentionally ceded control. He was interested in testing the effect of partially covering his body in clay. In previous performances he has been completely covered in the slip. While performingPillowcase Slip, Philip Lee did not speak. Blinded by the pillowcase, and suggesting a punishment scenario, he was vulnerable to mistreatment. He needed guidance from the audience as he moved through the gallery. He was at the mercy of those who attended the event, whether benign or malicious, kind or cruel.

Philip Lee was assisted in the performance by Bruce Currie (minder) and Cally Trench (embroidered pillow case, and video)

(click for full version) Anthea Turner Prize 2009

Anthea Turner Prize publicity:

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