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Multiple Slip

Multiple Slip (2013) was a live body performance with clay, devised by Philip Lee and performed by Robin George at London Gallery West during the opening of Do you remember it - or weren't you there, curated by Cally Trench and Philip Lee.

Multiple Slip was a re-performance of Corpus Slip I (2009) with a significant difference. For the first time ever, I was not the body present in the performance. I was able to observe and experience the performance from outside as a member of the audience, which made me realise that the authenticity of my performances depends on my body being the one that suffers and experiences the nakedness and the contact of clay on flesh.

It is essential that I experience each of my performances in my flesh, so that each one is part of my life and can enter my soul. Without this corporeal and spiritual experience it isn't possible for me to carry the performance forward into the next.

Filmed by Gerry Williams. Edited by Cally Trench from a 40-minute performance.

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