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Hide and Slip

Philip Lee and Cally Trench performed Hide and Slip on 23 November 2014 in Control Room at The Control Room, Bristol (curated by Rekha Sameer). Cally, in a blue taffeta evening dress, removed Philip's bow tie, dress shirt, cummerbund and dinner suit, and helped him dunk his head and hands in a bucket of clay slip, watched by the audience on the pavement outside of The Control Room through windows and in reflections from four mirrors.  Cally offered visitors wrapped sweets from a ceramic platter, encouraging them to enjoy themselves while Philip shivered with cold and discomfort. 

Visitors were invited to snoop on Philip and Cally. However, they saw a mirror image rather than a true image and.  It was a two-way process; the viewers and the performers snooped on each other.

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