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Group Photograph with Mirrors

Group Photograph with Mirrors was a two part intervention with mirrors at the exhibition Only The Sunny Hours, curated by Cally Trench at Bropck Keep, Openhand Openspace, in Reading on 23 June 2018.

Philip Lee, dressed initially in a dinner jacket, marshalled all the attendees of the exhibition into a line next to the gallery in order to take a photograph of the group. In amongst the group there was a mirror angled so as to include the photographer in the group photograph. As the photograph preparation progressed Philip Lee slowly removed his clothes to reveal the naked photographer wearing only golden shorts. In order only to show up better in the photograph of course. For the second image two mirrors were used, both reflecting an image of the photographer to the camera and, for the second photograph, he removed the golden shorts to reveal a golden thong.

The photographs were posted on Facebook and Instagram as part of the performance.

2 group photographs by Philip Lee (numbers 1 and 2)

26 (numbered 3 - 28) photographs of the performance by Cally Trench, Jane Grisewood and Jail Saunders

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