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Drowning Slip

Drowning Slip on 9 April 2014
"In the narrower performance space, I tied myself to the wall by the ankle and was then inundated by a flow of clay slip from above. The clay pool grew as I found it increasingly difficult to resist the clay and keep my foothold.

Visitors were asked to respond to the action-performance:

"Man in despair. 
Man fighting against the elements"

"Suffering, pity, loneliness"

"It seems a body fighting with clay, trying to survive on it and being part of it at the same time. Clay and body being just one thing. The limit of the body ... A penitence. Beautiful palette of greys with clay wet and dry, the composition of the room gives an idea of prison."

Philip Lee EKWC Residency SUMMARY

EKWC Residency

Drowning Slip was part of EKWC Residency

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