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Body Bag Paint

A live body performance with body paints

Performed at the Anthea Turner Prize 2011


23 January 2011

Body Bag Paint was performed at the Anthea Turner Prize 2011, organised by Heidi Locher and Simon Moore

Instructions Part 1

  1. Take a piece of paper out of the bowl.
  2. If your piece of paper has a number on it, pick up the bottle with the corresponding number on the top.
  3. The artist with bottle number 1 pours the contents, in any manner they wish, onto the large white bag on the floor. Followed by bottles numbers 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and finally number 7.
  4. When all the bottles are empty, one of the artists without a bottle opens the red envelope and reads Instructions Part 2 aloud.

Instructions Part 2

Stand in a ring around the bag on the floor.

In turn, starting with Simon and moving in a clockwise direction, share a memory of someone who has died recently.

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