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Blindfold Slip III

Blindfold Slip III at The Stone Squid Experimental Art Space in Hastings on 23rd October 2010.

The Exquisite Stone Corpse = A concatenation by 5 UK-based artists:
Judy Goldhill, Joanna Hill, Philip Lee, Sophie Loss & John McDowall
The preview was on Saturday, 23 October 6-8pm.

Concatenation is a series of interconnected things or events; engaging with an initiative conceived by Sophie Loss in collaboration with Stone Squid Experimental Art Space five artists followed the Exquisite Corpse procedure.

Exquisite Corpse or cadavre exquis was the game of consequences as employed, most notably by the Surrealists, with the intention to engender chance unexpected outcomes in collective works - a word or two, or a small portion of a drawing left visible from the edge of folded paper passed on to, and evolved by the next person in the chain.

The Exquisite Stone Corpsewas a group project by artists; Judy Goldhill, Joanna Hill, Philip Lee, Sophie Loss & John McDowall. Each of the five artists, who utilise different mediums in their practice, sequentially created a work developed from the previous participant's fragment.

The passed-on fragment may have be a part of the completed work or an aspect of its developmental process. A specific time interval was allocated to each artist within the project's six months period, following which, the artists collaborated with Stone Squid on the installation of the group show at the Stone Squid Experimental Art Space.


In October 2010 I made three public performances at three different venues - two in London and one in Hastings. All the performances involved my being blindfolded and covered in clay by Cally Trench, and lying on the floor.

TheBlindfold Slipperformances were reprised in January 2011 in private for a particular group of artists, at the University of Westminster.  This was followed by two further related performances:Tied Slip I(at the National Glass Centre, University of Sunderland) andTied Slip II(at the Firestation Centre for Arts and Culture in Windsor), both in April 2011.

While I am blindfolded and covered in clay slip in all six performances, they are different in other ways. The action varies in complexity and violence throughout the series.  My intention was also to allow the first to influence the second and the second to influence the third and so on.


Endurance, rather than suffering, has been an essential element of all my performances.  

Slip Chalk Water (2010) is a film of a performance made for camera by Philip Lee, assisted by Cally Trench and Edward Lee.
The film was part of The Exquisite Stone Corpse at the Stone Squid Experimental Art Space, Hastings, curated by Sophie Loss with Stone Squid from 23 - 31 October 2010.

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