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Accepted Rejected

Accepted Rejected (2015) was a live naked performance with satchel and cards. It was part of Homunculus curated by Rekha Sameer at Asylum Gallery, London on 17 January 2016.

Stationed near to the entrance throughout the opening of 'Homunculus', Philip Lee greeted people soon after they enter the chapel and presented each person with one of two cards: either card on which was printed the work Rejected; or a card with Accepted. This was the only text that was on the card. The words were as big as possible to fit on the card. There was no explanation on the card and Philip was mute. He was naked throughout the performance. There were no practical consequences to the encounters.

Philip Lee writes, "I decided which card to give to each visitor depending on a particular criterion. The criterion remains secret.

The performance ended when I was so cold I was unable to function.

Each visitor to the gallery experienced what it is like to be rejected or accepted without understanding why this is so. While nakedness suggests my vulnerability and powerlessness, my action turned the tables on the visitor and reversed the usual decision making process."

Photographs by Cally Trench

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