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White III

October 2008

Flipbook - 300 mm by 108 mm

Edition of 10, signed by the artist
The book is presented wrapped in white paper, on the inside of which there is a multiple-sequence montage of all the photographs that were used in the book.

The photographs were taken by Judy Goldhill
on 5 June 2008 at her studio in North London.

The flipbook animates part of one of Lee's live body performances and includes 56 inkjet photographs by the talented Judy Goldhill. It shows Lee facing the camera naked, rising from a crouched position to stand with his arms stretch vertically above his head. As his body is unfurled, white body paint progressively covers more and more of his body, in part at least, in line with his hands and arms. By the middle of the book his hands have reach the highest point and the paint has completely covered his body. The second half of the book shows the reverse.

Kaori Maki, working with Mark Winstanley at The Wyvern Bindery, bound the book with a white rigid spine and soft covers so that, while holding the binding, it is possible to flick through the whole book and see Lee's body at once exposed while at one and the same time covered in white.

Photography by Judy Goldhill
Philip acknowledges the contribution, both practical and conceptual, from: Judy Goldhill, Sophie Loss, Mary Yacoob and all artists in the Am Bruno group, in the development of this work;
Steve Moore at the University of Westminster
Book binding at Wyvern Bindery - I am grateful for Mark Winstanley's inventive and helpful suggestions and appreciate Kaori Maki's care in binding the book so beautifully.


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