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The Camouflage Flipbook

The Camouflage Flipbook is a flipbook, which animates black stripes spreading down Philip Lee's body as he rotates and moves his arms. The book is part of the Camouflage project by Philip Lee, Judy Goldhill and Cally Trench.

Edition of 5

Price £200

The Camouflage Flipbook was unwrapped at Parcel Fever
Thursday, 14 October 2010

Parcel Fever

15 October 2010, 7pm - 6am

The Keep, ground floor, 571 Oxford Road, Tilehurst, Reading RG30 1HL

A contemporary art exhibition with a difference: the work arrives wrapped, and and throughout the evening it will be unwrapped and installed by those present.  A companionable evening of anticipation and discussion. Includes work by Jon Lockhart, Robert FitzMaurice, Lucy Ann Hobbs, Alex Buhagiar, Steve Perfect, Cally Trench, Philip Lee, Chris Mercier, Tania Chamberlain, Barry Chamberlain, Ellen Jewell, Anita Benson, Neile Wright and others.

Cally Trench's time-lapse film, The Camouflage Flipbook Movie can be seen here:

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