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Stories in the Dark

Stories in the Dark is a limited edition body print, in ink on watercolour paper. It was made for the I'm telling you stories. Trust me AMBruno suite of prints.

Story telling doesn't need technology, such as books or Kindles. Stories can be told in the dark with only a mouth to speak and an ear to hear. Printing with the body was the first way people printed images. In Stories in the Dark, I reduced the narrative and image making to their simplest; the subject, medium, and material of the print are the body. The narrative and image are symbols of the act of story telling. The printing involved two separate actions, printing with my mouth and then with my ear, so that each print is unique and subtly different.

The prints of mouth and ear float joined in the centre of the paper and comprise an image approximately 25 x 15 cm on the surface of the paper 46 x 36 cm.

AMBruno presented I'm telling you stories. Trust me at Multiplied 2013, at Christie's, South Kensington, London, in October 2013; and then at Arts Libris, from 23 to 27 April 2014, at the Arts Santa Monica Centre, Barcelona.

AMBruno presented prints by 18 artists: Louise Atkinson, Karen Blake, Marco Calí, Claire Deniau, Kathryn Faulkner, Ruth Fettis, Judy Goldhill, Barbara Greene, Jane Grisewood, Lydia Julien, Sharon Kivland, Philip Lee, Sophie Loss, John McDowall, Sumi Perera, Shelley Rae, Peter Rapp, and Cally Trench. The prints are in a variety of techniques and processes, including etching, photography, screenprinting, digital, linocut, letterpress and woodcut. The image size and proportions vary, but the paper size is constant at 36 x 46 cm in portrait format, and each print is in an edition of 25.

Three complete suites of I'm telling you stories. Trust me prints were purchased and are on display at boutique hotels in Cheltenham.

Stories in the Dark

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