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SLIP is an altered Ship matchbox containing two miniature ceramic versions of Philip Lee. It was part of Getting to know you in a matchbox, a project by Kay Sentence, shown during The Remarkable Shed Party at Sophie's Shed, Islington, London, on 15 July 2012. The exhibition was curated by Cally Trench and hosted by Sophie Loss.

Kay Sentance invited us to make a matchbox that represented our work and us. Within the SLIP matchbox, the surface of which was digitally altered, were two tiny white ceramic figures, one a baby figure and one an adult figure, representing my performing body.

Kay Sentance wrote: 'My proposal is that we Remarkables will show and share our work with each other, and give each other a taste of our work that we can actually hold, in a miniature form. This idea is based on artists' trading cards, whereby artists transform playing cards with their own unique style and swap theirs with other artists' cards, similar to a calling card.'

Matchboxes were contributed by Roger Perkins, Lis Mann, Joan Skelton Smith, Philip Lee, Alison Carter Tai, Cally Trench, Valérie Mary, and Ann Rapstoff.

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