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Shirt List
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Shirt List is a catalogue of all the shirts Philip Lee is not usually allowed to wear.

AMBruno took part in the 17th International Contemporary Artists' Book Fair at The Tetley from 4th to 23rd March 2014, with new books on the theme of Lists etc., and an exhibition, Book Acts Collection, comprising books and films.

The AMBruno Lists Etc. collection was purchased in its entirety by Leeds University Library - see the website at:

Artists' Books Exhibition, UWE, Bristol, UK
Tom Trusky Exhibition Cases, Quiet Room, Bower Ashton Library
AMBruno 2008 - 2014
3rd March - 3rd April 2014

Sophie Loss wrote:
"AMBruno is a coalition of artists with diverse individual practices, including painting, photography, video, performance, printmaking and sculpture, with a common interest in the medium of the book. First brought together in 2008, we are a London based group, which has since grown to include artists from further afield.

Making books is challenging for most of us as artists working principally in other mediums. Though it takes us out of the habitual into new spheres of thought, engaging in conceptual adaptation to a different methodology of a new medium.

New books are made for each event such as specialist book fairs and exhibitions. Since 2011 we have been working to a theme; a call for proposals is made, given a subject title to respond to, such as Blue, Lines, Black Circle, One-fold books. These may be taken as a formal, conceptual or referential springboard. As only a certain number of books can be shown, a process of selection is undertaken; the proposals (made anonymous) are given to an independent arbiter. A choice is made and the selected artists proceed with the production of their book. Working to a theme creates a mini show, a self-contained and cohesive body of work connected by the thread of the motif.

In addition to books, other projects of ours include film/videos to the constraint of 101 seconds duration, shown in New York. Surfaces: works on paper exhibited in Porto and 18 prints by 18 artists to the theme of I'm telling you stories. Trust me. for Multiplied at Christies in 2013.

Lists etc. is our current theme for at the Leeds Contemporary Artists' Book Fair in March 2014, Gustavo Grandal Montero, Chelsea College of Arts Library, made the selection for this. The works will include favourite shirts that the owner can't wear, failed collections, and an archeology of erotic writing.

Also to be exhibited at this event is Book Acts Collection, for this artists perform and embody the concept or essence of their book through the medium of film. The exhibition will comprise of the originating books and corresponding video work including live performances."

Sophie Loss also wrote:
"As co-founder and project coordinator of the group, I would like to acknowledge with thanks all the support and wonderful books of my fellow AMBrunoers."

This exhibition is a representative survey of work produced over the last six years, books shown by: Alvin Watt, Ana Efe, Barbara Greene, Cally Trench, Charlotte Andrew, Christian Nyampeta, Clare Deniau, Francesca Galeazzi, Heidi Locher, Ingrid Jensen, Jane Grisewood, Joanna Hill, John McDowall, Judy Goldhill, Julie Johnstone, Karen Blake, Kathryn Faulkner, Louise Atkinson, Lydia Julien, Manya Doñaque, Marco Calí, Mary Yacoob, Maureen O'Brien, Nancy Campbell, Paula Naughton, Penny Matheson, Philip Lee, Sara Dell'onze, Sharon Kivland, Shelley Rae, Sophie Loss, Steve Perfect, Valérie Mary, Veronica Pérez Karleson"

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