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Peacock is a concertina book of 14 red pigmented-ink drawings of the artist's cock, from at rest to erect.

In the state of erection, the penis is the reddest part of a man's body. Animating the movement, the red in the drawings also represents the blood engorging and reddening of the penis during excitation. The book is explicit and beautiful.

AMBruno returned to the International Contemporary Artists' Book Fair, Leeds at the Tetley (6 to 8 March 2015) with a new book collection on the theme of Red, exploring red in manifold ways. Elizabeth James, Senior Librarian, NAL Collections, selected the collection from initial proposals.

Peacock was also shown by AMBruno at the Bristol Artists Book Event (BABE), Arnolfini, Bristol, 11 to 12 April 2015; the London Artists Books Fair at the Whitechapel Gallery, 10 to 13 September 2015; Counter, Plymouth, 23 to 24 October 2015; and the Small Publishers Fair, London, 6 to 7 November 2015. The Victoria and Albert Museum, Leeds University Art Library and a private collector have purchased the three copies of the first edition. Copies of the second edition are available for exhibition and for sale.
Arnolfini BABE

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