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Measure For Measure Flipbook

by Philip Lee, Judy Goldhill, and Cally Trench

A found copy of Shakespeare's play used to make a flipbook.

April/May 2011

The Measure for Measure Flipbookis a book made as part of Camouflage by Cally Trench, Judy Goldhill and Philip Lee. Philip Lee's body is painted by Cally in ways informed by dazzle camouflage, zebras, shadows, crumpled clothes and migraine visual disturbances, and then photographed by Judy Goldhill.

The Flipbook was created using a found copy of Shakespeare'sMeasure For Measure, into which Judy Goldhill's photographs from Camouflage Angled were added to each page. It was first exhibited with AM Bruno at BABE 2011 - the Bristol Artists Book Event - at the Arnolfini Gallery.

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