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Cover Uncover

Cover Uncover is a flipbook in which clay overwhelms the naked head and shoulders of an older man. Every page becomes a cover of the one that went before, in an unending series of coverings and uncoverings. 

AMBruno's Cover set of artists' books was launched at the 21st International Contemporary Artists' Book Fair, at The Tetley, Leeds (3 to 4 March 2017).

The Cover books were also shown at Miss Read: The Berlin Art Book Fair, at Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin (4 to 6 May 2018). Miss Read

In addition, the Cover books were shown at the Small Publishers Fair, Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, London (9 and 10 November 2018). On Sunday 10 November, John McDowall gave a talk on AMBruno's Cover project, with background information on the collective and previous collections of books. Small Publishers Fair

The twelve Cover books were also shown in the fifth annual edition of VOLUMES, the Independent Art Publishing Fair, which took place at the Kunsthalle in Zürich, 23 - 25 November 2018. The books were shown as an exhibited display, though to be handled. VOLUMES 2018

The Cover project was bought for the Kunstbibliothek, Berlin in July 2018.

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