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16 Dada Heads

To celebrate the start of Dada in 1916, Cally Trench and Philip Lee made a book, 16 Dada Heads, based on, inspired by, or completely tangential to Dada. They include our reinterpretations
of Marcel Duchamp's Rrose Sélavy, Raoul Hausmann's Mechanical Head, and fourteen others, featuring Cally Trench and Philip Lee as models, photographers, and designers/interpreters.

16 Dada Heads was first shown at the 16th International Contemporary Artists' Book Fair, University of Leeds, in March 2013, as part of a group of books by AMBruno on the theme of 'sixteen', curated by Sophie Loss, and also in the Bristol Artists Book Event (BABE) and the Artists Book Fair, Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art, Gateshead in 2013. 16 Dada Heads was also included in Punctuations, Separations & Artists' Books at Emma Hill Fine Art Eagle Gallery, London in 2013, where Cally Trench and Philip Lee performed Sixteen Dada Heads, during Drinks and Dada on 13 July 2013. Cally Trench and Philip Lee performed Sixteen Dada Heads again at The Tetley, Leeds on Sunday 9 March 2014 as part of Book Act Live, an AMBruno event curated by Sophie Loss.

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